Reported Speech II


  1. "Give me this book!"
  2. "Don't talk so loudly!"
  3. "Have a nice weekend!"
  4. "Please help me!"
  5. "Don't forget to tidy up your room!"
  6. "Why have you done that?"
  7. "May I have your car for this night?"
  8. "Did you watch the show yesterday?"
  9. "Where is your sister?"
10. "Do you like some sweets?"
11. "Go to the hairdresser!"
12. "Leave me alone!"
13. "Give them more homework!"
14. "Take your hands out of your pockets!"
15. "Close the windows!"
16. "Have you already bought the presents?"
17. "Did you like it?"
18. "Can I go with you?"
19. "Are you leaving tomorrow?"
20. "Will they ever come back?"











  1. She (He) told her(him, me etc.) to give back that book.
  2. He ordered not to talk so loudly.
  3. He wished her a nice weekend.
  4. She asked him to help her.
  5. They told him not to forget to tidy up his room.
  6. She wanted to know why he had done that.
  7. She asked whether she could have his car that night.
  8. He wanted to know whether he had watched the show the day before.
  9. He asked where her sister was.
10. They asked whether she liked some sweets.
11. They ordered him to go to the hairdresser.
12. She shouted at him to leave her alone.
13. They advised him to give them more homework.
14. He shouted at him to take his hands out of his pockets.
15. He told him to close the windows.
16. She wanted to know whether he had already bought the presents.
17. He asked whether she had liked it (that).
18. She wanted to know whether she could go with him.
19. I asked whether they were leaving the following (next) day.
20. She wondered whether they would ever come back.