Reported Speech

  1. "I often do my homework."
  2. "She has never done anything for school!"
  3. "Last year we were in London."
  4. "I didn't phone her yesterday."
  5. "The parking lot is too small for the big GOLF!"
  6. "She is smoking too much."
  7. "They were in a really bad mood."
  8. "I will never forget that night!"
  9. "Somebody has stolen the pineapple."
10. "All biology teachers are suspects!"
11. "You can do that alone."
12. "She had been waiting for three minutes."
13. "We are really good at Maths."
14. "You must learn before a test!"
15. "They are doing this very easy test."







      He(She) said/answered/mentioned etc. (that)

  1. he often did his homework.
  2. she had never done anything for school.
  3. the year before they had been in London.
  4. he hadn't phoned her the day before.
  5. the parking lot was too small for her big GOLF.
  6. she was smoking too much.
  7. they had been in a really bad mood.
  8. he would never forget that night.
  9. somebody had stolen the pineapple.
10. all biology teachers were suspects.
11. she could do that alone.
12. she had been waiting for three minutes.
13. they were really good at Maths.
14. I (he, she) had to learn before a test.
15. they were doing that very easy test.