1. Kate and Kevin climbed the bus.

  2. The whole group visited the capital of England.

  3. Suddenly Kate felt a terrible pain.

  4. Kevin helped her to get to the front of the bus.

  5. "We need a doctor", he said.

  6. The driver drove the bus to the next hospital.

  7. They brought Kate into the hospital.

  8. A doctor examined her quickly.

  9. "We must help you immediately", he shouted.

10. "I will do it at eight o'clock".

11. Next morning the nurse allowed Kate's parents to see her.

12. They handed her some magazines about London.

13. Kate read all of them.

14. And two months later she visited London herself.







  1. The bus was climbed. (by K&K)
2. The capital of England was visited.
3. A terrible pain was felt.
4. She was helped to get to the front.
5. "A doctor is needed", he said.
6. The bus was driven to the next hospital.
7. Kate was brought into the hospital.
8. She was quickly examined.
9. "You must be helped immediately", he shouted / it was shouted.
10. "It will be done at eight o'clock".
11. Kate's parents were allowed to see her.
12. Some magazines were handed to her.
13. All of them were read (by Kate).
14. Two months later London was visited by herself.