Passive II

  1. I have left the building.
  2. She has ordered a meal.
  3. You have forgotten it!
  4. We have built a model.
  5. My friends have done their homework.
  6. Shirley has done Paul's homework.
  7. They entered the FKG.
  8. The teachers have told their pupils about it.
  9. The storm has damaged the house.
10. Mandy will wash her hair.
11. I have repaired the car.
12. He has written a long report.
13. You have told her!
14. She has told him!
15. He invented a new gadget.
16. Mary has bought two tickets.
17. We have sent for the doctor.
18. My sister reads a book.
19. The band has recorded a new song.
20. I have written down these sentences.







  1. The building has been left.
  2. A meal has been ordered.
  3. It has been forgotten!
  4. A model has been built.
  5. Homework has been done (by my friends).
  6. Paul's homework has been done (by Shirley).
  7. The FKG was entered.
  8. The pupils have been told about it (by their teachers).
  9. The house has been damaged.
10. Mandy's hair will be washed.
11. The car has been repaired.
12. A long report has been written.
13. She has been told!
14. He has been told (by her).
15. A new gadget was invented.
16. Two tickets have been bought.
17. The doctor has been sent for.
18. A book is read.
19. A new song has been recorded.
20. These sentences have been written down.