1. They baked a cake
  2. I read a book.
  3. My sister learns English.
  4. Yesterday the students read the paper.
  5. My mother cleaned the house.
  6. My father watched football.
  7. The band plays a song.
  8. The teacher gave homework.
  9. My friend drank a cup of tea.
10. I switch on the radio.
11. The HSV won the championship.
12. The paperboy delivered the newspapers.
13. They built the underground last century.
14. Sue shouted at her boyfriend.
15. The players will leave the hall.
16. They will eat the cookies.
17. I answered the phone.
18. He smashes a window.
19. The police catch the thief.
20. The pupil forgot the books.








  1. A cake was baked.
  2. A book is read.
  3. English is learnt.
  4. Yesterday the paper was read.
  5. The house was cleaned.
  6. Football was watched.
  7. A song is played.
  8. Homework was given.
  9. A cup of tea was drunk.
10. The radio is switched on.
11. The championship was won (by the HSV).
12. The newspapers were delivered.
13. The underground was built last century.
14. Her boyfriend was shouted at (by Sue).
15. The hall will be left.
16. The cookies will be eaten.
17. The phone was answered.
18. A window is smashed.
19. The thief is caught.
20. The books were forgotten.